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China Energy Officials Visit to FF STEEL Head Office Peshawar

Peshawar, 5th June 2023, FF Steel, a leading and fastest-growing steel manufacturing company in Pakistan facilitates their Chinese clients by inviting them to Head Office. The meeting between Mr. Wang (GM Energy China), Mr. Mark (Manager Energy China) & Senator Nauman Wazir (Chairman FF STEEL) was aimed to discuss the upcoming potential projects that will take place in the future for collaboration. During the meeting, Senator Nauman Wazir took the opportunity to provide valuable insights into FF Steel's comprehensive systems and procedures.


The overall meeting was fruitful and FF STEEL acknowledges the efforts and teamwork that will bring greater results for both companies through their contribution to mega projects. The construction industry in Pakistan is strategically prioritizing Chinese projects to strengthen the country's economic condition. By promoting and investing in these projects, Pakistan can benefit from the financial assistance provided while gaining access to advanced knowledge and technology. These projects not only inject much-needed capital into the industry but also enable the transfer of expertise, skill development, and the adoption of efficient construction practices. The collaboration with Chinese projects has the potential to uplift the construction sector in Pakistan, enhancing its competitiveness and contributing to long-term economic growth.

FF Steel Leads the Way in Corporate Culture

Peshawar, 3rd June 2023 - Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, is setting an example for the rest of Peshawar in terms of shifting the paradigm of corporate culture and recreation. The city, which has overcome the challenges of Political Instability and Extremism in the past decade, is now embracing a culture of wellness and happiness in its Corporate Sector. Serving it as one small for mankind, FF Steel has sponsored a Friendly Cricket Match as it is a perfect amalgamation of sports and entertainment with immense potential to deliver priceless moments. The activity will not only improve the quality of life of the employees and communities but also create a positive image of the city and its organizations.

FF Steel one of the leading and fastest-growing steel manufacturers of Pakistan is pleased to announce its commitment to being the main sponsor and participating in a Friendly Cricket Match between the Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP) (Peshawar Chapter vs Islamabad Chapter) at Hayatabad Sports Complex (HSC) to cultivate long-term relations of the company with our stakeholders i.e., Architects.

The friendly match was organized between players for enhancing overall fitness, as it provides a platform to engage in physical activity that boosts mental health and work efficiency. The audience was captivated by the spectacular performance of both team players. Both teams displayed remarkable talent and passion in the match and put up a fierce fight. The match was thrilling and suspenseful and both teams dazzled the audience with their superb performance.

“We applaud all the Architects for their valuable contribution to this friendly cricket match,” Chief Guest of the ceremony Chairman FF Steel Nauman Wazir Khattak remarked. The Chairman of the IAP Peshawar and Islamabad Chapters, Imran Khalil and Fawad Sohail expressed their gratitude and appreciation for FF Steel’s partnership and sponsorship in orchestrating and facilitating this event. They also acknowledged the generosity of FF Steel for providing them with a platform to engage in a healthy activity that boosts their physical fitness and mental health.

The company's culture has always focused on promoting and fostering professional excellence. As a part of this commitment, the company is eagerly looking forward to sponsoring similar events in the upcoming days for its stakeholders, with an aim to encourage growth and development. These opportunities have been made possible by the collaboration and support of Hayatabad Sports Complex. FF Steel thanks them for their partnership and looks forward to working with them again.

FF Steel Hosted Chinese New Year Event

On January 28, 2023, FF Steel, a leading and fastest-growing steel manufacturing company in Pakistan, celebrated Chinese New Year culminating in the presence of top-level management from Chinese enterprises working in Pakistan on CPEC and other infrastructure projects and key representatives of major renowned companies in Pakistan.

This remarkable event was held in Marriot Hotel Islamabad and served as an important platform to share Chinese culture inclusive of strengthening business ties of FF Steel with major business enterprises in China.


Since its inception, FF Steel has placed a strong emphasis on innovation, technology, and consistent growth. The company has already established a strong footprint across the country and plays a pivotal role in the development of Pakistan's economy by producing and supplying premium quality steel bars from residential to commercial segments of any size nationwide.

The participants appreciated FF steel for holding such an event during the Chinese New Year. Dr. Hassan Daud lauded the efforts of Chinese enterprises in Pakistan's development and encouraged more enterprises to invest in Pakistan in the construction sector and take benefit from CPEC in terms of revenue, diversification, and forging relationships that are strong as well as establishing an enduring bond.

The Chairman of FF Steel Senator Nauman Wazir while acknowledging the effort of Chinese investors and teams also highlighted that the country is passing through tough times and it is imperative that we work as a team to bring great results not only for our enterprises but also for our countries. He stated that the China-Pak friendship is time-tested and it’s our duty to further strengthen it. He highlighted that CPEC projects are game changers for Pakistan and FF Steel is delighted to be part of the construction projects from large Dams to other infrastructure initiatives. He stated that technology is changing and FF Steel is embracing the latest technologies and techniques to improve the quality of its products. He stated that he and his team will ensure the best quality of the products and will contribute towards nation-building and strengthening the Pak-China relationship.


On 1st September 2022, FF Steel, one of the leading steel manufacturers in Pakistan made history by being the first steel company in the country to have two 132KV grid stations in two separate units. This makes FF Steel get its name among the small group of elite steel companies that have their own grid stations. FF Steel has focused on innovation and constant growth with stability, since its inception. The company has a vision for setting benchmarks in the steel industry in regard to the production processes, digitization of internal procedures, and also in terms of sales.

The introduction of the new grid station in one of the units of FF Steel will ensure that the production of steel bars will be uninterrupted in every manner while helping the company attain a greater share of the steel market of Pakistan.


On 2nd November 2022, FF Steel hosted & sponsored a gathering of the renowned & well-known architects of Peshawar, which consisted of both the experienced architectural leaders of the construction industry and also the new entrants that are in the process of making a mark in their field. The architects talked about how the infrastructure of Pakistan has evolved over time and that in the past, there were only the durable and strong grade-60 steel bars at our disposal, but now FF Steel has introduced the revolutionary grade-80 steel bars which will further improve the quality of construction and meet the future demand of high-rise buildings.


The gathering was fruitful as it consisted of various activities that helped the architectural experts share their views on the progression of the construction industry in Pakistan and how FF Steel is among the integral elements that are enhancing the growth of modern infrastructure in the country at a rapid pace.

FF Steel considers it an honor to host such events for architects and other construction-industry experts.

VIS Credit Rating Company Limited
VIS Upgrades Entity Ratings of Frontier Foundry Steel (Private) Limited

Karachi, November 01, 2021: VIS Credit Rating Company Limited (VIS) has upgraded the entity ratings of Frontier Foundry Steel (Private) Limited (FFSPL) to ‘A/A-1’ (Single A/A-One) from ‘A-/A-2’ (Single A minus/A-Two). Outlook on the assigned ratings has been revised from ‘Positive’ to ‘Stable’. The medium to long-term rating of ‘A’ denotes good credit quality coupled with adequate protection factors. Moreover, risk factors may vary with possible changes in the economy. The Short Term Rating of ‘A-1’ indicates high certainty of timely payment; excellent liquidity factors supported by good fundamental protection factors and risk factors are minor. The previous rating action was announced on August 25, 2020.

As a result of commitment and research, FF Steel came up with the best quality of steel. FF Steel doesn’t just produce any steel but Grade 60 steel bars. FF steel pioneered producing one of the best Grade 60 steel at a very fair price. Making it extremely economical and certainly feasible for any buyer.

FFPSL is principally involved in manufacturing of billets and rebars with two plants situated in Peshawar and Lahore. Given the increase in steel demand mainly in the latter half of FY21 and Company’s expansion of rebars at Peshawar plant, which also came online in FY21, topline grew notably in FY21. The Company is in process of further expansion – by way of vertical integration – mainly establishing a melting plant for making billets in its Lahore plant that is expected to be concluded by March 2022. The ratings take into account anticipated growth in offtake, which will notably improve the bottom line and resultantly the cash flow coverage indicators.

The ratings incorporate conservative payout policy, given full profit retention in the last five years, as a result of which the equity has growth at a CAGR of 31% since FY18. Going forward, the borrowings are expected to increase while equity will also depict strong growth as payout is projected to remain nil. The gearing ratio is likely to depict marginal increase as of Jun’22, albeit will subsequently drop. Liquidity profile of the Company is supported by adequate cash flows generation in relation to outstanding financial obligations. Leverage indicators are still considered on the lower side vis-à-vis peers. Going forward, the ratings remain dependent on maintaining business & financial risk indicators along with timely conclusion of ongoing expansion.

For further information on this rating announcement, please contact Mr. Arsal Ayub, CFA (Ext. 215) or the undersigned at 021-35311861-70 (Ext. 201) or email at

  • Javed Callea
  • Advisor
  • VIS Entity Rating Criteria: Corporates (August 2021)
  • Strength: 60,000 PSI
FF Grade-80 Steel Bar Launched
For the first time Industry, Consultancy and Academia joined hands for a major industrial Breakthrough by bringing revolutionary steel product in Pakistan – Grade 80 steel bar

FF Steel held launch ceremony of the first-ever Grade-80 steel bar, the strongest steel bar in Pakistan, at Serena Hotel Islamabad on 17th November 2021. Present at the ceremony were Honorable chief guest Senator Shibli Faraz, MD NESPAK – Dr. Tahir Masood, Pro-Rector NUST – AVM Dr. Rizwan Riaz, PEC Chairman – Muhammad Najeeb Haroon, Senator Sajjad Hussain Turi, Senator Daud Khan, Senator Taj Muhammad Afridi, Senator Sana Baloch, and Minister of Railways, Senator Azam Swati.

Grade-80 steel will change the landscape of the construction industry through the industrial revolution and economic growth said, Chairman FF Steel, Nauman Wazir Khattak. The product will have a significant effect on the Current Account Deficit. Given 13% less usage in construction and up to 10% cost-saving while using Grade-80 in comparison to Grade-60, it will considerably narrow down the current account deficit.

According to, Senator Shibli Faraz, through such initiatives good times are coming for the government and for the people of the country. He said that it will contribute to the country’s imports and wealth creation.

An extensive research study was conducted in collaboration with the renowned academic institution, NUST, and consultancy firm, NESPAK. As per the study, FF Grade-80 came out to be most economically feasible and beneficial steel bar in Pakistan. It will give a whole new direction for the construction of high rises and CPEC projects.

“Grade-80 will be of great benefit for the construction of bigger projects and high rises provided the higher strength and reduced cost,” said, MD NESPAK, Tahir Masood.

FF Steel is one of the leading and fastest-growing steel manufacturing companies in Pakistan. After over 30 years of growth starting with the first plant in Peshawar and then a second plant in Lahore, now the company is moving towards the final stage of IPO by the end of 2021, which is expected to be the largest IPO in history of Pakistan’s Steel Sector.

Listing of Frontier Foundry Steel

Karachi: 27 September 2021: Frontier Foundry Steel (FF Steel), one of Pakistan’s leading and fastest growing steel manufacturers and Financial Advisory Consortium held a signing ceremony for the award of mandate for the upcoming listing of FF Steel on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

A Financial Advisory Consortium (FAC), comprising of HBL, Bank Alfalah Limited, AKD Securities Limited, and Alfalah CLSA Securities Private Limited, has been engaged to advise the Company for listing at the local bourse.


Nauman Wazir, Chairman – FF Steel, Zarak K. Khattak, CEO – FF Steel, Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO – HBL, Atif Bajwa, President & CEO – Bank Alfalah, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, Chairman – AKD Securities, Ali Ansari, Chairman – Alfalah CLSA, and other senior team members of the FAC were present at the ceremony. The FAC together holds strong credentials with access to deep-rooted capital market investor base, both domestically and internationally.

Incorporated in 1986, FF Steel produces top quality Grade-60 steel bars having plants in Peshawar and Lahore and ranks amongst the top three rebar manufacturers in Pakistan. The Company also intends to explore different opportunities in the South region. FF Steel, with its focus on achieving efficiency and capturing growth opportunities, has undertaken backward integration at its Lahore plant. The Company has also heavily invested in its IT infrastructure and boasts state of the art ERP system.

Furthermore, FF Steel, due to its superior quality and strong brand value has already started exploring diversification into copper export business and steel bars export avenues regionally due to its favorable positioning (proximity to Central Asian countries), which can potentially unlock significant value for the Company in the future.

Commenting on the occasion, Nauman Wazir, Chairman – FF Steel said, “Over the past 3 decades, FF Steel has built strong foundations through its systems and policies, team and market penetration; I am confident of a prosperous and secure future of the Company and its stakeholders. With the assistance of such a strong and professional FAC of HBL, BAFL, AKD and Alfalah CLSA, FF Steel will, Insha’Allah, be making a historic and one of the largest ever private sector IPOs in Pakistan”.


FF STEEL the only manufacturer to exclusively produce Grade 60 steel bars in Pakistan hosted a dinner in honor of Mr. Zafar Aman on his new appointment as General Manager NESPAK-Peshawar, on Thursday, June 27th, 2019 at Shelton Rezidor. CEO FF STEEL Mr. Zarak K. Khattak, graced the event with his presence and expressed gratitude to the honorable guests for joining. The dinner was arranged to welcome Mr. Zafar Aman and to celebrate the growing and everlasting relations with NESPAK. Many consultants from different organizations also attended the dinner. FF Steel enjoys 33 years legacy with their clients. All the guests were thanked for participating in the event and holding hands together for a ‘Stronger and Safer’ Pakistan.

Aircraft Monument Inauguration Ceremony

Islamabad, 14 June 2019: FF Steel is one of the leading Grade 60 steel bar manufacturers, held its A-5 Aircraft Monument Inauguration Ceremony showcasing the national pride in Islamabad. The chief guest of the ceremony, Mr. Pervez Khattak, Federal Minister for Defence, was also in attendance.

Mr. Pervez Khattak inaugurated the site, cutting the ribbon and announcing it open to the public. The ceremony concluded with remarks by the federal minister, followed by some fun activities for attending families and their children. FF Steel is the Pakistan’s only manufacturer to exclusively produce Grade 60 steel bars. It has an extensive network in 12 cities across the country with its Head office in Peshawar and two STEEL Plants situated in Lahore and Peshawar.

Blood Drive Campaign

FF STEEL and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre joined hands for a blood donation camp at FF STEEL head office Monday, 17 June, 2019. All employees of FF STEEL ensured maximum donation because we know that every drop counts.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre was generous enough to sign MOU with FF STEEL for providing health benefits to employees and their families.