FF STEEL is the only exclusive manufacturer of grade 60 steel bars in Pakistan according to ASTM standards. FF steel delivers steel all over Pakistan.  Steel (sariya,loha) has become an essential part of our daily life. Life without the use of steel has become almost unimaginable. It is used in almost every sector of life. Manufactures all over the world are improving their techniques and means of producing steel.

As a result of commitment and research, FF Steel came up with the best quality of steel. FF Steel doesn’t just produce any steel but Grade 60 steel bars. FF steel pioneered producing one of the best Grade 60 steel at a very fair price. Making it extremely economical and certainly feasible for any buyer.

Salient features of rebar

  • Malleability. (Rebar can be bent and for that reason it can be shaped under compressive force.)
  • High yield strength. (The deformed steel bars can overcome high levels of stress without being permanently damaged.)
  • Toughness. (The rebar steel has an ability to absorb energy without physically being deformed and most noteworthy, fracture in any way.)
  • More bonding strength. (The atoms in the steel are closely structured giving them more strength to withstand hammering. Because atoms are closely packed, hence more energy is required to break the bond between the atoms.)
  • Earthquake resistant/aseismic structure. (Probably the main breakthrough FF steel made by manufacturing Grade 60 steel rebar is that this steel protects buildings from earthquakes to a great extent.)
  • Corrosion-resistant. (Corrosion almost depletes a metal from performing efficiently due to oxidation done by the atmosphere or other chemicals with time.)
  • High thermal resistance. (This property of rebar makes the steel resistant to heat flow from one point of the bar to another point.) 
  • Economical. (Above all, it has good value for money and a good return in investment.)
  • Safe in use. (Deformed steel bars are most certainly safe and completely risk-free. Consequently, its use makes safer structures.)
  • No loss in strength at welded joints. (After undergoing different processes during production, the rebar steel becomes stronger instead of being weaker and hence it becomes a symbol of strength.)


It can be quite a challenge to find the right steel manufacturer; one you like working with and whose factory produces the best quality product at a fair price.
FF steel is the exclusive producers of grade 60 deformed steel bars according to ASTM 615 and ASTM 706
There is no doubt to the fact that FF Steel is the only manufacturers in Pakistan that solely deal with grade 60 steel. Not just any grade 60 steel but the best grade 60 steel.

We appreciate our retailers to know all available product details

Now FF Steel started Billets manufacturing in our own Automatic PLC based Steel Melt shop plant from 2018. FF Steel used Specific Steel Shredded Material and HMS 1 scraps to manufacture different type of Grades.
FF Steel produces in house material testing lab constantly assures the perfect physical and chemical properties of every order. The records are constantly being documented.
High elongation: Have an average elongation of 14% compared to the 10% elongation by the current grade 60 bars available in Pakistan.
Corrosion resistant: The controlled water cooling of the bar prevents the formation of coarse carbides which has been cited as the cause for the corrosive nature of the common rebar.

Size and bending machine pin diameter

  • Bend dia when steel bar is bent at a certain angel, a standard pin diameter is required for each size
  • Standards for 3,4 and 5 sooter, the pin diameter will be 3.5d, for 6,7 and 8 sooter it will be 5d and for 10,11 sooter it will be 7d

GRADE 60 Specifications:

Grade 60 Specifications 

American Standard for Testing and Materials or ASTM A615 (Grade 60)

We at FF steel produce the highest quality of Grade 60 (ASTM A615) which are perfect to be used in megastructures, residential houses, and commercial construction. With sizes ranging from 3” to 12” (10mm to 40mm).

  • Strength: 60,000 PSI
  • Tensile strength: 90,000 PSI
  • Production range: From 3” to 12” or 10mm to 40mm
  • Usage: Construction reinforcement
  • Benefit: Earthquake resistant

 American Standard for Testing and Materials or ASTM 706 (Grade 60)

ASTM 706 is ideal for commercial and residential construction projects in Pakistan. They make a big difference when used in seismic zones to resist earthquakes.

  • Strength: 60,000 PSI
  • Tensile strength: 90,000 PSI
  • Production range: From 3” to 12” or 10mm to 40mm
  • Usage: Construction reinforcement
  • Benefit: Earthquake resistant in seismic zone.

British standard or BS 4449:2005 (Grade 60)

This is one of the strongest deformed bars available in the region. FF steel produces it with utmost perfection. This rebar is used in the construction of skyscrapers, mega construction, and tall buildings. They have enhanced bendability and can be bent to a greater extent without breaking.

  • Strength:72,500
  • Standard: British standard
  • Usage: Earthquake resistant High-rise construction
  • Benefit: Up to 15% savings when compared to ASTM 615 Bars
  • Other benefits: High levels of bendability and are safely weldable.

Power Deal:

  • Use FF Grade 60 Steel bars instead of ungraded steel bars and get 50% more strength

Economy Deal:

  • Use FF Grade 60, 12 mm in place of 4 Sooter Grade 40 and get 33% more strength and save 12% in weight
  • Use FF Grade 60, 16 mm in place of 6 Sooter Grade 40 and get 30% savings in weight with similar strength

Terms & Conditions:
Applies unconditionally to slab, beam, footings and foundations. Also applies to column, if the area of steel does not decrease to less than 1% of cross section of the column.

We can see the difference of steel consumption in economy deal Grade 60 due to decrease in weight per foot.