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FF Steel’s Events in Steel Industries

FF Steel (Frontier Foundry (Pvt) Ltd.) is not all about having the company’s growth-centric vision but is also stakeholders-centric where forging healthy, stronger, and lasting professional relations as well. The company has organized numerous events with different engaging activities not only destined for entertaining activities like physical games but also based on the issuance of certificates, giveaways, mill visits, celebrations of organizational achievements, iftar dinners, and workshop presentations.

The company considers such events to be planned for its stakeholders; consultants, architects, and retailers to express their gratitude and make professional bonding stronger. Their solid confidence in believing that FF Steel is the best quality of Steel that exists in the market and their persistent loyalty over the years has proven them to be the greatest asset for the company. The company truly appreciates all of its stakeholders for accepting the company with open arms.

FF Steel arranges 10 events a month on average. The company recently organized recreational activities to create an engagement point between the company’s management and their stakeholders to build long-term relations but also to take the well-being element of individuals into consideration as well. The event is also focused on a factor, where without being restricted by looking over the corporate professional gap. Meaning, creating such a friendly environment where no one would hold any professional conflicts if there were any during the span of business dealings.

We can take an example of the recreational activity by GFCC (Green Fields Country Club) event at Lahore which is usually planned for 3 days to aid stakeholders to get a break from their daily stressful routine and enhance their productivity and improve their health. Certain activities such as human foosball, cricket, table tennis, badminton, snooker, chess, swimming, musical night, Tug of war, and many more. Different giveaways and certificates are issued to selected stakeholders who successfully completed the objectives that were assigned.

Mill visits were planned for key partners who work in NESPAK, FWO, Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, KPEZDMC, Tarbela Dam, Dasu Dam, etc. to make them see the quality that is being produced in the mill, and an overview of mill operations are also illustrated. On the other hand, there are various workshop presentations planned for stakeholders to help them learn, and involve them in a discussion along with the expectations of general feedback about a related field.

This way it is a sort of training that is highly effective in transferring skills and both parties can learn something from each other that can be useful in their professional life. In an example of a workshop presentation, structural engineers are presented with geographical seismic knowledge to make them understand where most earthquakes can be expected and a lot of other additional information is shared.

Besides that, there are presentations on professional practices in which there is guidance on how to act with a professional attitude. In addition, how to respond in certain situations professionally. There are a lot of other presentations as well.

The organization recently celebrated the achievement of mission 33K production capacity due to the steady growth. The company celebrated its achievement in various cities such as; Karachi, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Sukkur, and Gujranwala. Several Iftar parties in different cities for our respected stakeholders, retailers, and contractors.

FF Steel is extremely grateful to its respected stakeholders for their active presence and overwhelming participation in the event. FF Steel is not only moving forward in the context of growth but also taking its greatest asset, the company’s stakeholders along with them.