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Taking Pakistan Steel Industry to the Next Level.

The rudimentary idea behind writing on this topic is to increase awareness about how some of the companies are thriving to make the Pakistan Steel industry better with the help of online platforms. Generally, in Pakistan purchasing of steel by customers is still followed in the same old traditional way where customers purchase via retailers or contact the UAN number of the company to get an idea of how they can get what they want.

The world is changing its E-commerce patterns and every new business besides the steel industry is moving towards adopting the technology that will enhance their businesses more effectively and efficiently. FF Steel (Frontier Foundry (Pvt) Ltd.) has taken initiative to bring a paperless environment to Pakistan’s steel industry. The company started taking online sales orders during the times of the pandemic when a lot of businesses were affected because they were not active in online selling.

FF Steel is the pioneer in taking online sales orders in the steel industry of Pakistan. Back then before the pandemic company had already started working on online sales. Though it was in progress with limited orders. At that time, unlike any other steel mill, FF Steel mill was at an absolute advantage because it already had taken the initiative of generating online sales orders. This became a success story later on because the company’s clients responded well and trusted the platform during those tough times.  

It was not only about selling high-quality grade 60 deformed bars online but timely deliverance on the required site within 24 working hours, which was also one of the crucial elements that the company was focused on. Taking online sales orders is an innovative idea considering Pakistan’s steel industry. The company is persistent to be more productive and efficient in online selling.

Now, the company recently introduced grade 80 deformed bars which can be ordered online. The company also facilitates its customers with Inter-Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) services to any bank across Pakistan.

There are two types of processes for purchasing steel:

  1. The first procedure is to directly purchase it via the company’s online website where you can start by going to the real-time online rate calculator page where a cell number is required and delivery location along with the product quantity and size requirement needs to be specified. After this, you will get the rates and then fill out a form for booking an order along with a place to order.
  2. The second procedure is to contact the company via a UAN number (111-888-999) where telemarketers are going to facilitate the clients following the steps mentioned above and forward their buying request to the concerned salesperson.

    Furthermore, FF STEEL has signed MOUs with E- marketplaces that act as a provider of products on,,, etc. However, the company is not bound to deal with existing E- marketplaces only but is also open to new marketplace collaborations. Pakistan’s steel industry is at a slow pace but may gradually increase its performance regarding E- platform dealing to sell steel bars online and delivering efficiently all across Pakistan.