If you want to make a big difference and be a part of a corporate working environment then FF STEEL is the right place for you. We believe in innovation, diversity, and a place where we help your skills to groom through on job training as well as workshops. Make a successful career in your area of expertise and work with us to deliver sustainable growth with success.

Recruitment process

Job advertisement

Our first step is to advertise the job which you can find through our social media, newspapers and current openings.

Shortlisting candidates

Once you have sent us your resume and it matches our requirements for the advertised post your resume will be shortlisted.

Initial screening

The shortlisted candidates will be informed and called for further screening, interviews and test (if required)

Interviews and test

Several interviews and tests will be taken before the selection.

Selection and joining

Once you have cleared the mandatory procedure you will be selected for the job and will be given with the joining date. You will get an email regarding your selection.